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Mr. Noller served as Global Vice President of Supply Management in charge of Strategic Sourcing / Project Services for Hilton Worldwide. He was responsible for the daily administration of the global supply chain and the sourcing of all key global providers of goods and services supporting operations and projects services as well as managing global freight and logistics. Mr. Noller has an extensive background in hospitality and development projects and the use of alternative, green, sustainably designed products and services supporting construction practices. Mr. Noller also served as Hilton Worldwide liaison on behalf of City of Hope Charities, the leading research cancer center in Southern California until summer 2013.

Prior to joining Hilton Worldwide Mr. Noller spent six years living and working abroad in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean and provided international consulting services to third parties on a broad array of international commercial and residential projects. Mr. Noller constructed his first green sustainable solar and geothermal residential home project adjacent to the Isla Navidad Resort and Marina in Colima, Mexico and became a champion in support of Mexican rural children by constructing and renovating schools, building libraries and computer learning centers. He negotiated a training and education program with many Pacific coast resorts that enable top local students to participate in bilingual concierge training programs and gain the experience to acquire and excel at jobs while earning a living wage previously unavailable to the underprivileged in these remote subsistence communities.

As a lifelong sailor and conservationist Mr. Noller has supported efforts to maintain the health and vibrancy of our oceans and public waterways. He served on the advisory board of David Rockefeller's charitable non-profit trust Sailors for the Sea which focuses on inspiring and educating individuals, organizations, and communities to constructively address overfishing, pollution, acidification, and habitat destruction with the belief that recreational users of a resource are likely its most ardent champions. He remains a committed and passionate supporter of ocean conservation as well as clean water and clean alternative energy systems including solar and geothermal energy efficient technologies.

Mr. Noller previously was the founder and CEO of BuyEfficient, a leading hospitality e-commerce purchasing and procurement software provider and grew the business from a small tech start up to a leading organization supporting over 800 full service worldwide hotels across all major brands and flags thru its IPO in 2005.

Mr. Noller believes an exceptional opportunity exists to repurpose ISBU's into aesthetically and structurally superior homes that dramatically reduce energy consumption by installing cutting edge energy systems and by utilizing new and innovative recycled materials. The ultimate goal is to create housing developments throughout the globe that contain unique, custom design with the added value of being highly resource efficient in an effort to forge a new understanding of sustainability and value. The mission is to create a cutting edge path into the green building revolution by merging the social responsibility of architecture, design, and construction to meet the global needs of humanity while creating a profitable and sustainable business enterprise.

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