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John Noller is chairman and co-founder of IGDC Solutions, a firm providing business and project consulting, design services, strategic sourcing and project management solutions to U.S. and international companies on operations, construction, renovation and remodel projects.

Mr. Noller oversees the strategic direction of the firm, providing focused, sustainable and cost effective project services to its diverse clientele. With more than 1,200 projects valued in excess of $8 billion US dollars completed in 32 countries throughout his career; Mr. Noller and team provide leadership, guidance, and an extensive track record of success to IGDC Solutions' customers.

Previously Mr. Noller served as the Global Vice President of Strategic Sourcing and Project Services with Hilton Worldwide and was instrumental in the delivery of new hotel construction, renovation, and capital improvement projects for the world's largest and fastest growing hotel company (NYSE: HLT) with over 4000 hotels in 90 countries worldwide. Mr. Noller provided project administration, fiscal accountability and project management to help position the company for a return to the public markets developing a vast international network of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in support of Hilton's owned, managed and franchised estate.

Mr. Noller and IGDC Solutions additionally provide non-profit advisory consulting to UN-Habitat on its sustainable community and urbanization initiatives in developing nations. UN-Habitat is mandated by the United Nations to lead on policy and development advocacy as 60% percent of the world's needed urban environments for housing, recreation and infrastructure remain to be built by 2030.

As a lifelong sailor and conservationist, Mr. Noller has supported efforts to maintain the health and vibrancy of our oceans and public waterways. He served on the advisory board of David Rockefeller's leading conservation organization Sailors for the Sea that focuses on inspiring and educating individuals, organizations, and communities to constructively address overfishing, pollution, acidification and habitat destruction with the belief that recreational users of a resource are likely its most ardent champions. He remains a committed and passionate supporter of ocean conservation as well as cost-effective clean water and clean alternative energy-efficient technologies.

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